Are you ready for some straight facts about Slot Machines?

The next 104 pages will change the way you look at playing Slot Machines, Forever!

Dear Fellow Slot Player,

I've got a pretty good idea about what brought you to this page today. You have been asking yourself "Can I really win playing the slots?"

The answer us yes, and no...

The question is, "are the casions, slot parlors and racinos telling me the truth about their machines?"

Will I Ever Win Big?
pull the lever

You have probably asked yourself questions like:

  • Why can't I win at slots?
  • Why am I wlways struggling to hit the jackpot?
  • Why am I always arguing with myself and my family?
  • Wht has my life become so dedpenent on gambling?
  • Is this all there is to life?
  • When will I ever be happy
How can I achieve success by being in the
rolling the dice to win big

"Right Place At The Right Time"

You know EXACTLY what it's like to feel like you're never going to make it. Like you're never going to be, do or have the things that you really want from your life.

You continue to worry about all the times you spend playing the slot machines and hoping to hit that elusive big jackpot?

If you play the slots, then this is a common occurrence?

Lucky for me, I woke up one day and said there has to be a better way. I then took action and changed my life forever.

I started reading all kinds of books, visited library's frequently, searched the web and one day, WOLLA!! I found it; A web site called 'Right Place At The Right Time'. They were selling a book entitled "Right Place At The Right Time - So You Think You Can Beat The slots!"

How to beat the slots?
pull the lever

You Can't!

There are no systems or strategy's that can overcome the house advantage.

Remember the machines results are random.

No casino would ever be so stupid that they would put a game on their slot floor with a vulnerability that could be discovered.

Beware of system sellers...

Don't fall prey to them, they are all filled with the same hype!

Their advertisments are designed to get your juices flowing, but they are all void of any of the real details.

Think of this the next time you read one of those come on advertisments:

If you had a system, and your making tons of money every time you play the slots, then why, would you want to market it.

Besides, the casino have trained professionals watching their investment all the times.

If all those so called systems worked then don't you think the casinos would be onto them?

Don't you think they would correct it, sure they would. So why would anyone want to share their secrets with the world. They would only be hurting themselves.

Why... Because they are come ons. Noting more, nothing less!

Not until now has there been a book like this

No Hype, No Fancy Words

Just Down To Earth laymens terms

You don't have to be a mathematical genius or spend hours perfecting some half baked idea, or spend hours on end each day studying the machines.

The only way to beat the Slots, Is to be in
" The Right Place At The Right Time "
tip-the-scales Tip the scales back in your favor

Once you purchase and read the book, Right Place At The Right Time, So You Think You Can Beat The Slots.

You'll say to yourself, how could I have been so stupid to think I could win big playing the slot machines.

Believe me, I was sick to my stomach. I thought to myself, how could I be that naive and stupid to think or believe I could make a fortune playing the slots machines.

The best investment I made in years

For the price of a large pizza, I had my head on straight again.

I had my life back on track.


My life was slowly improving and my finances were getting better.

I had taken my life back from the casinos and slot machines.

No longer would they torment me and take my hard earned money.

That was then, this is now!

People like me have spent years of our life's chasing dreams. The dreams of hitting a life changing jackpot?

A lot of the time we can get results immediately that we may have taken years to gain if we’d accepted the ‘wisdom’ of others.

A lot of the time all we have to do is to be honest with ourselves.

I set out researching articles, web sites, and book after book on how to play the slot machines. You know the ones that tell you how you can win at the slots? Then I read Right Place At The Right Time and I was on my way to inimical freedom.

How to transfer your life back immediately
And it Worked!

BOY, did it work!

In the first few weeks, I started to have more money in my pocket to do the things I wanted to.

Then it dawned on me, I really didn't have any more money, but merely the globs of cash I was losing playing the slot machines.

All you need to do is learn a new strategy for getting what you want from life and then commit to following it.

Think about it for a moment. You could be putting your hard earned money to good use instead of sinking it into those metal beasts.

You know just like you did before you played the slots?

      Free from fears about how your next bill gets paid.
      Free from family worries or strained relationships.
      Free from health worries or struggling with your mental state.

Just imagine, your life could be so full of new promise and potential that it will feel almost like you’ve started your life over.

Can You REALLY Change Your Financial Circumstances Back. Sure You Can.
Why not ?

You'll be amazed how much you can achieve when you put your mind to it. It’It'll be like you’ve been driving through you your life with your eyes shut, and then suddenly having your eyes wide open.

If you buy and read the book " Right Place At The Right Time", So You Think You Can Beat The Slots, and take it to heart, what the book is all about, then believe me you'll never look at playing the slots in the same way again.

Your choice…

Go to my secure server where you’ll be asked to pay just $20.90 which includes shipping and handling charges (US Orders Only).

Your book will arrive in two to three business days


It's that easy!

But will you do it? Will you make the decision to make the Right Place At The Right Time the most rewarding and satisfying book or will you hit ‘back’ on the browser and leave the site. Don't make that mistake, take action now!

Which ever you choose, I sincerely wish you the very best.

To your Success

Mike Pulli